The items for sale is original from the time no repo or fake items on this site. The items are from year 1750- 1945.
If you look for special items let me know. I will try and find the parts you are missing in your collection.

I have just got some unused ammo pouches for Kar98 they are in mint condition. They are made in 43 and have the same Rbnr so here you can get a rare set pouches with # numbers. 100 Euro for a set. ex shipping
I have startet to sell out of my stock of Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, SS, SA, HJ items. I also have parts from Afrikakorps and Sonderverband

marine artilleri 2ww 2wk gernan SS wehrmachtmarine 2ww 2wk wehrmacht ss

I have just got a large fotoalbum from the German kriegsmarine. The pictures are from the Danish east coast Skagen, Frederikshavn.


At the frontline/ Militaria for sale.

Pak in action.

Pak team in combat with Tank.

My plan with this site is to make a site with a mix of militaria for sale and pictures from the war seen from the German side in the war.

I have been collecting items from the war the last 15 years and my dream is one day to open my own museum.

I know that the war is a big tabu in a lot of countries but tabues dosen't make the bad go away. But if we talk open about it with respekt for both side of the war we can learn the young that freedom is something we still have to fight for in a lot of places in the world.

Remember copyright of all pictures and information on this site.

If you have items for donation or trade please contakt me.

Most pictures have been given to me by old veterans or there family.


Contakt me by mail. militaria@jubii.dk

Mikkel // 12.09.12
guzzifrynsen@gmail.com //


Fine billeder. Holder øje med om der kommer noget til min samling.
kip // 21.06.12
kip@redfernent.com // Canada

Thanks for the ZF. and africa core flag very happy

with the trade
tony // 08.01.11
tbjunior@vip.cybercity.dk //

Gode fotos, der fortæller om den dagligdag der var blandt soldater, bedre end de de propagande fotos, de viser jo det modsatte. Fin hjemeside :-)
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